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Nikki Carel Named 2016 Eisinger Teacher of the Year

Mrs. Nikki Carel, 1st grade teacher at Pioneer Trail Elementary School was named the 2016 Eisinger Teacher of the year at the district's teacher banquet on April 28th.  Mrs. Carel has been a teacher for 14 years, five of those with the Jefferson City Public School System.
When speaking with Nikki, she stated that she moved around a lot when growing up.  She stressed how hard it was being a new kid and it was difficult making friends because of moving often.  She stated that her "teachers" were her friends and those people were some of the most important people in her life who kept her motivated.  
Mrs. Carel stated, "I hope my 1st graders leave my class knowing all about place-value and double-digit numbers and how to write an amazing story."  "But above all of that, I hope they remember that we worked hard together, that I loved them and that we were in this together."