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JCPS Foundation Grant Announcement!

The Jefferson City Public Schools Foundation is excited to announce the 2016 winners of our teacher and school grants.  We had a lot of great applications and wish we could fund them all, but these grant requests rose to the top and was selected by our grant committee. 

 The Prize Patrol will be scheduling a time to come to the schools to award the checks and we look forward to celebrating with you!





Williams Grant - $500.00

Awarded to:

Susan Isaacs & Andrea Stegemen


Guiding Independent Readers

Guided Reading and Independent Reading are essential components of the Balanced Literacy Program.  The addition of leveled texts used during the reading times will allow the teachers to be more equipped to provide necessary differentiated instruction to support students in the development of necessary, life-long reading and writing skills.



Columbia College Grant - $500.00

Awarded to:

Niki Atkinson


Concentration, Less Frustration

The noise blocking headphones have been a constant request to counselor Niki Atkinson.  These students have a difficult time concentrating on their schoolwork with the slightest amount of commotion within the classroom setting.  Providing three noise-blocking headphones for each class to share for students is important.

Columbia College Grant - $1000.00

Finley Memorial Grant - $500.00

Awarded to:

Lisa Maloney - $500.00

Shawn Meinhardt - $500.00

 Steve Plumb - $500.00

Wildcats Mentor the Cubbies

Allowing fifth grade students to mentor Title I early childhood students from SWECC is a yearlong partnership.  The goal is to maximize learning and character development for all students by utilizing a collaborative approach.  One component is to par a preschool based on commonalities, strengths, and areas of need with a fifth grader.  The fifth grader will use opportunities to mentor through learning projects and activities that will target appropriate developmental skills for the preschool while giving the fifth grader real world experiences relative to their curriculum.



Bobbie J. Howard Memorial Grant - $1500.00

Amy Dutcher - $500.00

Jessica Long - $500.00

Jennifer McBaine - $500.00

Kindergarten-Building the Foundations

Additional resources that include fiction and non-fiction guided reading books were requested for levels two through five.    Currently, Kindergarten has four to six guided reading groups.  With three sections it can result in up to twenty different guided reading groups at one time.  Having necessary supplies will allow students to read more frequently and allow students to practice longer while keeping them in their book sacks during independent reading time.  Practice makes confident readers.


Williams Grant - $720.00

Howard Grant - $336.00

JCPS Foundation - $216.00

Awarded to:

Joni Henderson - $500.00

Malissa Pistel - $500.00

Sabra Watts-Hayes - $500.00

Nonfiction Matters

Non-fiction literature, which, is presented to students in a friendly format, can engage unmotivated, difficult to reach students in the reading process.  Adding quality nonfiction books to the collection will assist in meeting the Science and Social Studies standards and will keep the classrooms fresh and exciting.  Students do enjoy learning about the world around them and having resources to advance learning, challenge thinking and can motivate the mind to question and ponder new ideas.




First Baptist Church Grant - $903

Square Panda

Phonics Play sets that combine reading, skills and multisensory play unlock learning.  Square Panda provides these learning tools, which help students learn the alphabet, explore letter sounds, discover rhyming and build vocabulary.  Students will learn shape and letter recognition, correct letter orientation, letter-sound decoding, different roles of consonants and vowels and phonic recognition of words.  As students learn, the lesson adapt to their level.  Teachers can personalize the lessons by adding classroom sight words, student names and photos.


Panera Grant - $500.00

Foundation - $2,130.00

Amount Requested $4,838.17.00; Amount Approved for Funding - $2,630.00

Reading is Relevant

Relevant leveled reading books help teachers provide instruction-using text, which enables students to build background knowledge and increase vocabulary and comprehension while becoming fluent readers.  The books will meet instructional needs but will also be used to expand student interests, motivation and enjoyment while building lifelong readers.  For students to become better readers, they will be provided with a multitude of on-level and authentic texts that are readily available from which students may select.  Research supports that when students are provided the opportunity to practice and reinforce their reading skills, their fluency, vocabulary and background knowledge improves. 



Panera Grant - $500.00

Foundation - $2,130.00

Amount Requested $4,944.62; Amount Approved for Funding - $2,630.00

Bumping up the Book Room to Bolster Reading Scores!

The requested books for guided reading fiction and nonfiction texts including picture books and chapter books have been selected by grade level teacher teams.  The texts were chosen from vendors that specialize in providing high quality, leveled text sets.  As books arrive, they will be labeled and integrated into the current book room to be ready for immediate use by all teachers for guided reading instruction.  Over 450 students will benefit from these books and will directly impact teaching and learning during guided reading and could be utilized in other subject areas such as writing, math, science and social studies.